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Stage 3

At this point I felt like this guy needed something more so I added a few arms. I tried different sizes and placement for the additional arms and this configuration looked the best to me. I also worked on cleaning the image up and  added the glassy green orb shape in the belly and in the shoulders.
Stage 2

At this stage I took the vector image into Adobe Photoshop and used the magic wand tool to select just the black shape. On a new layer I began loosely laying in the colors.
Stage 1

I started this robot design by creating and distorting random shapes in Adobe Illustrator. At this point I was just looking for an interesting shape to work with. Illustrator is great at this stage because it gives you an infinitely scaleable vector image to work with. Illustrator's tools make it easy to create shapes, distort, flip, and align them, but you can use basically the same process in any art software.
:Robot design

From a recent piece titled "Descent".
Stage 4

I tried out several possibilities for the robot's appendages and finally settled on some hands, pincher type graspers, and two different styles of some kind of electrode probe...things. Other than that, it was just some polishing and dropping in a rough ground to show the robot is non-mobile and that was it. Here is a close up of part of the upper body. Take a look at my illustrations to see the full final image.
So what took me so long?

It's been a couple YEARS since I've had an opportunity to properly update my site.  This is due to several factors. Moving, starting a new job, taking some classes to update skills, family commitments, travel and a bit of freelance work have all pushed updating the website onto the back burner far too many times. There was also one instance of my website being blocked where I live (Seoul, South Korea) which made it impossible to update and took weeks to resolve.. 

Fortunately we have a long weekend holiday here and I'm taking advantage of it to finally get in an update.


My contract with my current job doesn't allow me to reveal everything that I'm working on. Here's what I believe I'm safe to say (and show).

For nearly two years now I've been working for one of Korea's largest publishing companies.  I have been working on developing a new combination book/mobile app program that will be used for English language education for middle school students. I have had to fill many roles at this job and it has been great to expand my skills and work in new areas. Off the top of my head, my responsibilities at this job have included...

- Logos and branding
- Designing internal documents, reports, proposals and presentations
- Content and activity development
- Book cover illustration
- Illustrations for app based activities and workbooks
- Character design
- Animation background creation
- Comics
- Consulting on all design, illustration, and animation elements
- e-book/e-library development and design
- Graphics creation for video
- Outsourcer management, training, and workflow development
- Gamification
- Avatar generator concept and development
- Stock image purchasing and management
- Budgeting
- Script supervision on video shoots
- Editing

... And probably a few other things I can't think of at the moment.

While having the opportunity to play such a large role in the project has been great, it has been quite stressful at times and has left me with very little time for a website update.

Anyway, here are a few pieces and parts of what I've been working on.

Alien portraits created for a charity show to benefit the family of one of my professors from my university, a coworker and friend who passed away not long ago from a highly aggressive form of cancer.  His name was Kerry P. Talbott, and he was an amazing illustrator with a style, demeanor, and sense of humor that brought a smile to a lot of faces and had a huge impact on the lives of all of his students.  He was well known for his monsters, robots, aliens and comics, so the show follows this theme.  Artwork was created by many of his friends, colleagues, and former students and prints will be available for sale at Art Space Gallery in Richmond, Virginia beginning August 22nd.